portrait session

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My name is Sheena.

I am a photographer who is passionate about capturing contemporary images of children and families. I want to record the hugs, the fits of giggles, the moments of fun…so we never forget.

I have a one year old and I now truly appreciate how important photographs are to me. I pour over his baby images and the first smiles… A single photograph has the power to remind me vividly of a particular moment and to release a flood of memories related to that point in our lives.  The reason I am a photographer, is because I want to provide others with images, which will do the same for them.

I love children.  My family portrait sessions are all about us having fun together and don’t worry I am well used to children’s moods and how quickly they change.

To see more of the kinds of images I take have a look at my portrait portfolio and if you like them, please call me on 0400 011 487 or email me at scooke@alphalink.com.au so we can chat about how I could capture some unique moments for you and your family.